CCTV Cameras

Access Control

Solar Panel


Optical Fiber


Security and Surveillance systems

Vidhara SecureCom provides a wide variety of CCTV cameras for different applications to suit customers’ requirements.

Access Control and Time-attendance System/ID printers

Access control readers, Access control panels, EM locks, sensors, Biometric readers, smart cards, RF ID tags and ID printers.

Intrusion Alarm and Alarm transmission system

Our intrusion product portfolio caters to banking sectors, jewellery shops, warehouses, storage areas.

RF Identification Tags

Smart and tiny RF ID tags are available to cater to needs of asset management system as such in jewellery shops, library books, fleet management, tracking and transportation of children.

Solar Power System

Vidhara SecureCom has strong innovative back bone network in the field of Solar Energy. Vidhara SecureCom is committed to taking on challenges in reducing CO2 emissions.

Optical Fiber Communication (OFC)

With rich experience in OFC systems, our company executes projects in OFC including design and installation of fiber optic networks.