Security and Surveillance Systems


Vidhara SecureCom provides a wide variety of CCTV cameras for different applications to suit customers’ requirements.

  • Analog camera
  • HDCVI (High definition Compact Video Interface)
  • AHD
  • Network (IP) Camera
  • Thermal and Night vision
  • Video Management Software (VMS)
  • DVR, NVR and Storage Servers
  • Video Door Phones
  • Video wall/Display Devices/Monitors

Applications: Homes, apartments, educational institutions, offices, warehouses, hospitals, poly-clinics, playground, parking lots, banks/ATMs, shopping malls, theatres, factories, godowns, airports, commercial buildings and many more…

Access Control and Time-attendance System/ID printers


Access control readers, Access control panels, EM locks, sensors, Biometric readers, smart cards, RF ID tags and ID card printers –Installation, Configuration, Programming and Commissioning are the brick and mortar of our organization.

Intrusion Alarm and Alarm Transmission System

intrusion system

PIR, Glass Break Detectors, Vibration sensors, Panic- buttons, Door contacts and wireless sensors/panels, Alarm transmission via OFC, GSM data modems and through SMS alerts; Application caters to banking sectors, jewellery shops, warehouses, storage area, perimeter area, and other vulnerable zones.

Optical fiber based Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Optical fiber based Perimeter Intrusion Detection –better than leaky cables – we offer an innovative technology to protect your premises, perimeter, and compounds backed up with microwave volumetric detection and sensors.
Targeted Area: Banks, Financial companies, Business premises, Defense and military



  • Military bases
  • Government facilities, Banks, Treasury
  • Oil refineries and Petrochemical plants
  • Power plants and substations
  • Air ports and Harbors

  • Country borders
  • Industrial complexes
  • VIP residences
  • Storage yards

Wireless CCTV Transmission/RF-MICROWAVE Instrumentation


Vidhara designs and implements wireless connectivity to CCTV cameras for outdoor applications, wireless sensors and intruder panels, but not limited to them, also involves in RFoF (RF over Fiber) and alarm transmission to remote site. We carry out

  • Signal measurement and EM survey
  • Network analyzer measurements
  • Spectrum analyzer measurements
  • Site planner, FSM and other microwave-RF paraphernalia

RF Identification Tags and Readers (RFID)


Smart and tiny RF ID tags and readers with antenna are available to cater to needs of:

  • Jewellery and diamond shops
  • Library book management
  • Transport management
  • Tracking and transportation of children and school bus

Solar Power / Green Energy System

Solar Panel with green grass and beautiful blue sky

Vidhara SecureCom has strong innovative back bone network in the field of Solar Energy. Polycrystalline solar cells from medium range solar panels 75 W, 100 W, 250 W, 300 W up to 300 MW can be designed, constructed and commissioned. The product line-up is

  • Solar panels
  • Solar water heaters
  • Solar water pumps
  • Solar lamp post and
  • Inverters and UPS

Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) and IT Infrastructure


With rich experience in OFC systems, our company executes projects in OFC including design and installation of fiber optic networks, configuring suitable topologies, components and extends services to security systems such as:

  • CCTV transmission over fiber
  • RF over Fiber (RFoF)
  • FTTH (Fiber to the Home)
  • OPN (Optical Passive Networks)
  • Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System
  • Splicing and fusion of fiber optic cables
  • Excavation works and conduit -laying along with Civil works necessary for OFC
  • Computer Networks, Computers, Servers, Storage Servers, Routers, Switches and Optical Back bone network

Optical Components and Accessories such as Media Converters, Fiber Optic Video Transceivers, Fiber over IP & Fiber over Coaxial converters, Optical MUX/DEMUX, optical amplifiers, modulators, OFC connectors and OTDR

Vidhara SecureCom possesses a wide range of products in its portfolio and provides specific solutions to customers as and when requirement crops up. Head count management software, Parking management, X-Ray baggage inspection system, Metal detector, Particulate Explosive Detector, Walk-through metal detector, Drug analyzer etc and an array of similar products backed up with sound technical know-how, Vidhara SecureCom covers a canopy of security &surveillance products to protect assets,buildings and people.